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A anchovy to encourage your child to create patterns with the rope by weaving it throughout and coiling it around the crevices.

Patterns are everywhere and they provide a sense of order in what otherwise might appear chaotic. Patterns help children learn to make predictions and to sequence, both of which foster the development of mathematical and logical skills. This fish will help them with the development of their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

This anchovy is also a great decorative piece for any corner of your child’s room.

Made from beautifully sanded European beechwood to ensure that they are safe for children. They are not burnishes because we love the patina the toy acquires over time, but you could apply any natural oil or beeswax from time to time if a more standard finish is desired.

Dimensions:  8cm x 4cm

Each anchovy comes with a cotton lace, one yard long (90cm), conveniently packed in a cotton bag.

Recommended for ages 4 and up.

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About Aleta Kids

Play is vital, play is fun. It is an opportunity to wonder and explore. It allows us to grow. It stimulates our imagination and creativity, our ability to problem-solve, and to become self-sufficient. When we play, we are happy. It is within this philosophy that these toys are born. There toys are versatile, easy to carry on travels and adventures. Each unit is designed to develop our children’s fine motor skills and to encourage them to be more independent. Minimalism and the use of natural materials are at the core of our designs. They strive to produce toys that allow children to play and explore in many ways, to embrace the slow-life philosophy, practicing mindfulness and being in the moment. Designed in New York, handmade in Spain.