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Raduga Grez Rainbow Stacker Color


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This coloured wood stacker is great for both – toddlers, who are learning how to stack and nest objects, and older children who love to play with blocks as well.

There are various ways of playing… You can learn colours, count the blocks.
The stacker is great as a pyramide and as a balance toy. You can make any art-objects you wish. An excellent toy for future architects and other creative persones.
The stacker can be a bridge, a tunnel for little cars, a bed, a seesaw or a doll furniture as well.

Small Sand stacker toy consists of 7 blocks, painted in sand colors.

* While playing your child can get acquainted with colors, with concepts more and less, higher and lower, learn the account.
* Find the application of blocks in creative construction – to build roads, bridges, tunnels, arches.
* Use arcs as a balancer, as swings, cradles for dolls, as other doll furniture.

Hand-made and dyed using non-toxic water-based dyes and left unlaсquered.

Out of stock

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