Our Mission

Hi! We are The Milk Minimalist and we believe in the art of simple living with kids. We don’t want it all. In fact we want less. Because we think: “Once we need less, we will have more”.  

Our Approach

The Milk Minimalist was born out of love for thoughtfully designed pieces for babies & children and their homes, We have carefully curated a unique selection to play, wear, eat, sleep & care. A selection from all over the world. We appreciate simple beautiful, well-made pieces that can last a lifetime. We hope you like our selection as much as we do.

Our Stories

“Owning less, is better than organizing more” is a lesson we have learned since we have kids. As moms we know, once you have kids lots of stuff comes into our homes, a lot of times not in the best colors and materials. We got rid of all the trash and filled our home with timeless, quality pieces made from pure materials. Living with less provides us more freedom.

Our Philosophy

The Milk Minimalist is a space with less. A space for the little minimalist. Because you are never too young to become a minimalist.

We believe in The Art of Simple Living with kids.