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Brand Promises

  • Perfect fit for endless play.
  • Made in Europe with 100% certified organic cotton.
  • Timeless pieces regardless of fashion trends.
  • Quality made to last, sometimes for generations.
  • Solid, earthly colors without blatant prints.


Shepherd booties are a pair of comfortable and warm ankel high sheepskin slippers for babies. The slippers have a wide sheepskin rim. To make the slippers fit properly and the make them easy to put on and take off, they have lacing. The sole is made from soft suede.

also new: Give your shoes or rubber boots a warm Shepherd feeling with a soft sole. The sheepskin soles are both soft and warm and keep the shoes fresh. The wool is self- regulating, making them ideal for use in both summer and winter.


A Musthave 

Tights with braces will keep pace with even the most active babies and toddlers allowing them to explore the world around barefoot. Exceptionally resistant, lusciously soft and made from 100% cotton suitable also for babies with the most sensitive skin.


Everything in this section is €15


We are The Milk Minimalist and we believe in the art of simple living with kids. We don’t want it all. In fact we want less. Because we think: “Once we need less, we will have more”.


The Milk Minimalist was born out of love for thoughtfully designed pieces for babies & children and their homes, We have carefully curated a unique selection to play, wear, eat, sleep & care. A selection from all over the world. We appreciate simple beautiful, well-made pieces that can last a lifetime. We hope you like our selection as much as we do.


“Owning less, is better than organizing more” is a lesson we have learned since we have kids. As moms we know, once you have kids lots of stuff comes into our homes, a lot of times not in the best colors and materials. We got rid of all the trash and filled our home with timeless, quality pieces made from pure materials. Living with less provides us more freedom.


The Milk Minimalist is a space with less. A space for the little minimalist. Because you are never too young to become a minimalist.





Moonie the humming friend has 5 natural soothings sounds and is also a night lamp that can shine in 7 different colours. Gentle light allows you to feed and change your baby without turning on the overhead light. When the baby starts crying, the lamp turns on with the hum, it illuminates and soothes the baby.

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Jeanne Le Studio

Jeanne Le Studio

Maybe this is the most beautiful playmat ever made. Handmade in Belgium. This Soft baby playmat is made out of Muslin OEKOTEX-certified cotton with a hypoallergenic filling.

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Studio Noos

Studio Noos

The Mom-bag as a fashion statement. The pouch for all the small stuff. A wallet for the keys. And on-to-go with a little backpack or a soft changing-mat.

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Hvid uses 100% Merino wool because it’s comforting and will last a lifetime. That’s why all your precious Hvid textiles are made in Belgium by craftsmen who take pride in creating something beautiful and sustainable.

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