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Aleta Kids Wooden Teether Jellyfish


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The goal is to sooth your baby during the teething months. To comfort and relieve their tender gums; encouraging munching and mouthing to lay the foundation for learning speech sounds and babbling. With that in mind, this jellyfish teether was created.

While seeking a healthier approach to raising our children, and since they can’t help placing things in their mouths especially when they are teething, we choose organic products when providing them with alternatives. Easy grip and hold for little hands. You can always keep their very special toothy traces as a treasure!

Made from well sanded European beechwood coated with beeswax to ensure a smooth finish and make our teethers safe for children.

 The jellyfish measurements are: (inches) 2.75” x 3.54” and thickness 0.35” / (cm) 70 mm x 90 mm and thickness 9 mm

The teether is conveniently packed in a cotton bag to keep it clean and ready to use.

Recommended for babies. Verify that the knots are tight before giving it to the baby and adjust if necessary. The use of baby toys without adult supervision is not recommended.

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