Bisgaard Rain Boots Brown


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Rubber boots with a small shaft and a small fit around the foot, which gives good support and stability. The boots are produced in waterproof, natural rubber with cotton lining which regulates temperature, and which is a sweat absorbing natural material that holds the feet dry. Bisgaard eco care natural leather, cotton, rubber and wool surrounding the feet. Free from chemicals, chrome and metals. Made from breathable materials. Recommended allowance to grow: 1,50 cm

ECOCARE: Our children’s feet deserve the best. These natural boots styles surround the feet with natural materials. A pure touch free from chrome, chemicals and metals. The rubber boots are made from natural rubber.

Info about size: Sizeguide.

Size Guide (Insole):
20 = 133 mm
21 = 140 mm
22 = 147 mm
23 = 154 mm
24 = 160 mm
25 = 166 mm
26 = 172 mm
27 = 179 mm
28 = 187 mm
29 = 192 mm
30 = 200 mm
31 = 208 mm
32 = 215 mm

Recommended allowance to grow: 1,50 cm


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About Bisgaard

Founded in Denmark in 2005, Bisgaard believe that every pair of shoes should be chosen not only for the fit, but also to suit a specific purpose. This high quality shoe brand’s philosophy is: ‘authentic shoes, good fit and innovative design’ and these wonderfully crafted shoes are sure to go down a treat with tiny toes.