Colour Me Skin Colour Crayons


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These crayons are a must for every little kid exploring the world and discovering life. As all colors are equal, the kids need to have tools to colour themselves and their friends the way they are, in their own skin.

The urge to raise a generation that sees others the way they are & act and not the way they look is bigger than ever. Let’s raise that generation. It is in our hands.

  • 12 vegan, non-toxic skin colour crayons
  • Conforms to international testing standards
  • Triangular shape and optimal size to develop an efficient pencil grip
  • Start coloring and have fun
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About Colour Me

It all began when founder Kylee, a primary school teacher in South Africa, was mixing paints for the children to paint picture of themselves and realised the limitations of the crayons and felt tips in her classroom. She and her husband did some research that revealed a real gap in the market for child-friendly products, so they developed these crayons with a triangular shape that helps to encourage pencil grip. 5% of the profits goes towards educating underprivileged children in South Africa