Hetkinen TWIG Home care set – 4 pieces


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It is time to take a step forward into your home. Let us introduce the TWIG product series that enables natural and chemical-free cleaning at your home. Now you can keep your home clean, tidy, and smell like a fresh Finnish forest.

In this product series, we rely on pure and natural ingredients and active ingredients. The super raw materials in this product series are Finnish spruce resin and an oil extract made from conifer needles. Spruce resin is naturally antiseptic, and it effectively yet naturally destroys bacteria and fungi. Coniferous needle extract brings an aromatic forest scent to the product series. While cleaning your home, you also can enjoy an aroma therapeutic forest bath moment. The aroma is natural. It evaporates on its own, leaving pure freshness in the air. TWIG product series fits perfectly for families with children and pets.

This set include:

  • TWIG Natural dish wash
  • TWIG Natural cleaning spray
  • TWIG Natural laundry detergent
  • TWIG Natural laundry vinegar
  • Hetkinen shopper bag

Hetkinen TWIG Natural dish wash washes the dishes clean and bright without harming nature. The fresh scent comes from essential oils, spruce resin, and extract made of Finnish spruce and pine. Washing dishes with Twig natural dish wash does not dry your hands.

Hetkinen TWIG Natural cleaning spray is an effective help for daily cleaning of home surfaces. The cleaning spray cleans effectively and naturally different surfaces and textiles. The product is a safe choice for families with children and those who have allergies.

Hetkinen TWIG Laundry detergents effectiveness is based on natural tensides, in other words, olive oil-based soap base. The natural boosters are washing soda, baking soda, and Finnish sea salt. The washing powder is alkaline, pH 10, achieving the ideal washing efficiency to remove dirt from textile fibers.

Hetkinen TWIG Laundry vinegar will make your laundry smell clean and fresh, just like authentic conifer needles. It will smell like your clothes had spent a day in the woods.

Keep your home naturally tidy

Package size 500 ml x 4
Country of origin Finland
Ingredients Dish wash:aqua, potassium oleate, potassium cocoate, potassium citrate, citric acid, maris sal, pinus sylvestris oil, picea mariana oil, pinus sylvestris
extract, picea abies exract, rosmarinus officinalis oil, mentha piperita oil, citral*, linalool*, limonene*Cleaning spray:aqua, sodium carbonate, maris sal, picea abies wood extract, pinus sylvestris oil, picea mariana oil, pinus sylvestris extract, picea abies exract, rosmarinus officinalis oil, mentha piperita oil, acetic acid, citral*, linalool*, limoneneLaundry detergent: potassium oleate, sodium carbonate, maris salLaundry vinegar: acetic acid, aqua, pinus sylvestris oil, picea mariana oil, pinus sylvestris extract, picea abies exract, rosmarinus officinalis oil, mentha piperita oil,
picea abies wood extract, citral*, linalool*, limonene*
YES natural, vegan, cruelty free, sustainable, fresh, gentle and skilled artisan process
NO preservative, synthetics,  colour, alcohol


How to & usage

Usage Dish wash: Wash all the dishes at your home into clean and shiny again.

Cleaning spray: Gives dirt a ride in the kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

Laundry detergent: In a washing machine that naturally washes home textiles and clothing

Laundry vinegar: Acts as a fabric conditioner, refreshing and softening the laundry.

How to Dish wash:Measure 2 ml of the substance into 5 liters of water. After washing, rinse the dishes with clean water. Wash your hands thoroughly after doing the dishes. Use only when washing dishes by hand. pH6,5

Cleaning spray:Spray on the surface and wipe. pH 9

Laundry detergent: Shake the bottle before use. Measure 2 to 3 caps of washing powder directly into the washing machine’s detergent box. Finish the washing result by using TWIG laundry vinegar as the rinsing agent.

Laundry vinegar: Shake the bottle before using. Dispense vinegar 2-3 caps directly into the washing machine rinsing box

About Hetkinen

Hetkinen believes that living in harmony with nature is one of the greatest commitments we can make in our lives. The forest and its trees is the biggest inspiration when creating these products. With a philosophy to bring the people who use these products closer to nature in their busy everyday lives. The knowledge of healing properties of different trees helps creating balanced mixtures for natural skin care. These nourish, refresh, calm, and complement skins of all ages.‍ In designing the products they start from pure and minimal ingredients, always bearing in mind the safety of the product both for the user and nature. Using as few ingredients as possible. keeping the products as minimalistic as possible, without compromising the desired effects. All the products are made of 100 per cent natural ingredients. They don´t contain any artificial fragrances or additives. The entire product line is vegan. All the ingredients are plant based.