Hevea Duck Shaped Baby Fins


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These Baby fins are made from upcycled Rubber, Plant Based, Plastic-Free, Eco-Friendly & BPA-Free.  The pretty sand colour is made from FDA approved color pigments.

Shaped as duck feet’s, leaving cool and cute footprints in the sand. Short fin to make it possible to walk in. Soft and malleable material making it comfortable to wear. Open toe and heeltap make the fins easy to take on and off. Freebie: A duck shaped sand shaper is included great for playing in the sand .

The upcycled fins are made from high-quality leftover or cut-out material from our natural rubber production. Instead of throwing away the material, they are turning trash into treasure, giving it new life and thereby minimising waste and in this way make truly positive fingerprints on the planet.

EU 23-24 /  US 6,5 -7,5 / UK 6-7

EU 25-26 / US 8-9 / UK 7,5 – 8,5

Brand: Hevea


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About Hevea

Hevea is not just a brand; it’s a story with its own purpose. Their story is about how we want to leave fingerprints on the world – a fingerprint showing that we strive to do better, to create a more mindful way of taking care of the planet we leave for future generations. Hevea is more than what meets the eye. They are innovators in natural rubber, in design, in ways to work together.