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This is a children’s toy made from discarded fishing nets and other end-of-life maritime industry plastics (like ropes). Inspired by one of our favourite endangered ocean friends, the sea turtle, Greta the Great is waterproof and ideal for bath or water play. The toy was designed with a lightweight, abstract form to encourage children’s imagination.

Designed in London by Industrial Designer, Tim Rundle, who is best known for minimal lighting, furniture and interior products. Makes it beautiful enough to be displayed in the home .

Comes in a lovely package made of recycled cardboard making it also a lovely gift.

Made in the UK from 99% recycled materials

Colour may vary slightly from the images displayed and marbling may occur due to the recycled nature of the product.

BPA & Toxin Free

Suitable for children aged 1+


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About Honu Play

During maternity leave this mom-to-be heard that by 2050 there would be more plastic in the ocean than fish. She realized that 2050 is less than 30 years away, and started wondering what the world will look like then. As she want her children and future grandchildren to have beautiful, healthy oceans where they can swim in safely, and want them to be proud of the planet that she passes on to them. So, I’ve created Greta The Great, a playful solution to plastic pollution!