Hvid Bonnet Dolly Mustard


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A bonnet made in 100% merinowool. The bonnet is mediumthick and perfect to wear outside. The knitting process is with a 3d machine, that means no seams. Made of 100% extra fine Italian merinowool

size S: 1- 3 months
size M: 4- 12 months
size L: 12- 24 months

• Pre-washed
• Made in Belgium
• 100% Italian Extra Fine Merino Wool
• Woolmark certified yarn


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About Hvid

From day one, Hvid aims to create long-lasting quality textiles, made only from natural fibres by artisans located in Belgium. The timeless designs feel at home everywhere and ask to be touched. There goal is to ethically create quality-made goods. Pure and kind. These textiles bring a luxurious softness into your daily life. A delicate touch after a hard day’s work, a warm embrace on a winter’s eve or a soothing nest for your little one. Hvid uses 100% Merino wool because it’s comforting and will last a lifetime. Just like you, they care about the small things in life and therefor only want what’s best for our loved ones and nature. That’s why all your precious Hvid textiles are made in Belgium by craftsmen who take pride in creating something beautiful and sustainable.