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That’s right! A bicycle courier collective gathers used coffee grounds from selected cafes and roasteries in Berlin and then brings them to a social workshop. There, the grounds are dried and preserved. At small plants in Germany, the material is then compounded and shaped into coffee cups. Once back in the social workshop in Berlin, the cups receive their final polish, are packaged, and sent to cafes, shops, and end customers.

The Weducer™ Cup made from recycled coffee grounds is the ideal companion for conscientious, design-oriented coffee lovers and offers the perfect way to enjoy your drink on the go.

The innovative material developed by Kaffeeform is composed of used coffee grounds and other renewable resources. Thanks to its unique properties, Kaffeeform products are exceptionally durable and robust, but still very light. The marbled surface that resembles wood and the mild coffee aroma perfectly complete the design. And how cool it is that the Cup-to-go contains our logo. So now we can say we have our own Cup On The Go.

Capacity: 300 ml

Dimensions: 9 x 13 cm

Weight: 130 gr.

Caracteristic: every cup is a one of a kind

Packaging: in an attractive box, plastic-free, ideal as a gift

All products are composed of used coffee grounds and other renewable, plant-based resources that are hardened with biopolymers. They are light but still exceptionally durable and robust.

  • Break-proof up to a drop height of 1.5m
  • Free of melamine-formaldehyde resin
  • Free from plasticisers/BPA
  • Conserves resources
  • 100% plant-based
  • Cruelty-free
  • Dishwasher-friendly – we recommend to rinse printed cups gently by hand

Every cup is one-of-a-kind. The special appearance of the marbled surface that resembles wood is rounded off by a light coffee aroma.


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Weight 150 g

About Kaffeeform

The Kaffeeform Idea: Turning used coffee grounds into a cup. A Berlin story. Product designer Julian Lechner was intrigued by the idea of creating something new and lasting out of supposed waste, so he began experimenting with coffee grounds. Three years later, he had discovered the unique formula: recycled coffee grounds and renewable raw materials were transformed into the durable, robust material Kaffeeform. Which then became the Kaffeeform cup. Kaffeeform is about more than just attractive cups. Supposed waste is turned into valuable raw material for high-quality, durable products. The cups are manufactured together with local and social partners in Germany.