Lah Lan Pure Overall Lind


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Adjustable overall, produced in organic cotton and linen. The linen gives a loose fit, and allow the body to breath. The pockets ensure room for beach treasures and shells.

The back label is made of soft unbleached cotton and stitched on allsides, so it does not bother or itch. The product is made-to-last.

If you are unsure about size, take the biggest one –and it will delight for a longer time.

Composition:70% cotton30% linen

Care:To care for both our planet and your garment, airing your clothes will give it freshness. You can easily spot-clean your garment and wash at 30 degrees when needed.

For environmentally reasons and the longevity of your garment it is not recommended to tumble dry. Please use natural soap and no bleach and detergent


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About Lah Lan

Lah Lan has its roots in Helsingor, Denmark. Their values are built upon functionality, quality, and simplicity. Created from the timeless Northern universe surrounding your beloved little ones. Focusing on a sustainable world, they create quality in organic cotton perfect for handing down through the family. A universe with a safe space for play and adventure. Garments made with room for aesthetic visualization and comfortability in every play, quiet time and development. Everyday life with all there is – quiet time and contemplation. Soft materials, minimalistic design and an earthy color scale. Amazing for you and your little ones.