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Leo Leo Changing Mat


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It’s made in organic natural canvas cotton with soft luxurious cotton lining. Here to serve you as a blank canvas in which you can personalise as you like.

  • Embroidered baby name initial

  • Try plant dye it the color you love the most

  • Or use it as it is, simple and without any unnecessary dye

Folded: 24 x 20 cm

Unfolded: 45 x 72 cm

Brand: Leo Leo

Out of stock

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About Leo Leo

Leo Leo is a brand for the playful family, based on creativity, free imagination and to which both parents are seen and recognized. As well as an ambition to make luxurious and timeless designs for children and babies. Their design philosophy is to create organic quality toys, combining tradition with contemporary design. They work in a neutral color palette as they believe there is a need for calm and harmonious products for children and babies.