Mile Tights with Braces Lavastone


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retro tights with elastic braces. made of brushed cotton(85%) with fine polyamide (15%), thanks to which they maintain the shape and don’t get holes. it is woven between two cotton fibres, so that it doesn’t get in contact with the child skin. that’s why the clothes are also suitable for eczematous skin.

They run big, so don’t size up!

made in slovakia.




About Mile

With the birth of their children, the founders of Mile felt an urge to relive the beauty and joy connected to childhood. the summers at the granny’s, endless questions about the universe, learning to swim or read and absorbing children’s books. They were overwhelmed by the beauty of the children’s world, its endless width and depth. They had a desire to transform it in an elegant and yet playful way into children’s clothes . Their view is that through their clothes the children could learn about the world.