Poudre Organic Blouse Poire Carafe – last one – 6Y


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Poire blouse with balloon sleeves, made of 100% organic cotton.

Wear it with the Poudre Organic salopette or the Pippins denim.

They run small, so size up.

Composition:100% Organic Cotton, grown without pesticides.






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About Poudre Organic

These are clothes and accessories for babies and children. Comfortable clothes, soft and elegant, easy to wear and mix. Manufactured in Portugal, in natural materials, from organic farming. Manon waits for her third daughter, and thinks that she would wrap her baby well in natural and ecological materials. Only here, small clothes made in Europe, with organic cotton, are hard to find. So Manon decides to think of a collection with clothing, accessories and swaddles that corresponds to her values.