Studio Noos Chunky Teddy Mom Bag


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The Mom Bags are perfect to use for the stroller, but also as a shopper. Big enough for every adventure. Handmade in Holland. Made of 92% Polyester,  8% Elastan.

Size: 58cm x 42 cm

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About Studio Noos

Studio Noos was created out of a love for fashion and the lack thereof when it comes to the diaper bag, or mombag. Studio Noos, makes, beautiful, affordable, hand-made bags for the stroller and in a variety of types of fabric, so there is something for everyone. Perfect for your stroller, or as a shopping bag, these bags are large enough to accommodate each and every adventure. The mom bags are hand-made by a foundation based in the Netherlands, where people with a distance to the labour market are given the chance to help with the production.