The Eco District Bamboo Toothbrushes 2-pcs Baby & Kids


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Did you know we are using about 5 billion plastic tooth brushes every year? And did you know that about 2 billion of these tooth brushes end up on dumping-grounds and in our ocean? This eco-friendly bamboo kids toothbrush is a good alternative.

The handle of this tooth brush is made out of sustainable bamboo and is 100% biodegredable. The bamboo is being heated to harden the surface, this is what makes the tooth brush water-resistant. The advantage of the bamboo tooth brush in comparison to a plastic tooth brush is that bamboo is a natural antibacterial and eco-friendly alternative. The brush is made of BPA-free nylon 6.

The handle of our toothbrush is carefully designed in a way that it has a luxurious look, but it also highlights its functionality.

The toothbrushes have the ability to stand up straight and have a sophisticated colorful detail at the bottom to provide every member of the family having it’s own toothbrush.

2-p Kids: they come in a pack of 2, with color detail in green and yellow.

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About The Eco District

The Eco District is a group of young people who want to fight against the waste of plastic. They strive to minimise the use of plastic, by stimulating people in choosing other resources as wood, cotton or bamboo for the products they use on a daily basis. These Millenials wanna change the world by changing our daily habits. Being Eco can be cool.