The Future Artist Silicone Suction Plate Velvet


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This Anti-slip Suction Divide plate made from Food Grade Silicone is a musthave in the household. So easy to use, yet so easy to clean. And they look so pretty. The colors are just amazing.

The silicone plate has a strong suction to stick to the dinner table, which avoids the baby to move it.

The small convex piece can help parents to make it easier to pick up. Don’t tear but just smoothly lift it up.

The plate is microwave safe and dishwasher proof. But also easy to clean under running water. And while traveling, simply whipe it clean with a baby wipe.

As they are flexible and soft, they are also easy to travel with.

Certifications: FDA, ROHS, REACH, BPA Free.

Size: 24 cm x 3,7 cm

Use them together with a Silicone Bib.


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About The Future Artist

The Future Artist is a young brand providing easy to use but cute to see dinnerware for the modern Family. The collection provides bibs, plates, bowls, spoons, cups and snack cups that are not only safe to use, but also look pretty in a modern home.