Wooden Story Doll Beech Girl


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Doll – a new wooden member to the Wooden Story family. This toy is neither a girl nor a boy. But the clothes are! So we have a boy set and a girl set. This is the girl set. As it contains: a wooden Doll Beech and a light grey dress.
It sparks your creativity. It can be your friend, a princess, a knight or a wizard. It will easily travel with you in your pocket or backpack. It will also help improve your fine motor skills – it’s arms and legs are movable so you can train your dexterity by dressing up their new friend.
This toy is a perfect companion to have on adventures of all scales.
This doll can put on its shirt, pants or dress that were made from 100% organic cotton. The clothes are gentle and soft. The material they’re made from is certied by GOTS.

The wood used is certied by FSC®. This is an eco-friendly product and is free from any articial or harmful substances. Made in Beskidy Mountains, Poland.

Height of Doll : 19 cm

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About Wooden Story

This family business is three-generation old and no one really remembers when exactly the first cordwoods were planned. But everybody remembers year 1969, the year when the first wooden toys were crafted . Grandpa loved to create new things which were giving happiness. Wooden toys appeared in there manufacture – happily welcomed by the kids. So they created Wooden Story – land of toys. They say that the toys came to us from the forest, they smell of wood and you can still hear in them the sound of wind. Grandpa was right saying that “creating for children brings the happiness to adults”. Knowing that feeling very well, they created Wooden Story from love to nature, for happiness of children.